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Buy OnePlus One Globally with out invitation

OnePlus One invitation

Earlier OnePlus posted on Facebook that they will have an important announcement on April 20, 2015. Most of the people was expecting the OnePlus 2 or the cheaper model which OnePlus will be announcing this year. 

OnePlus April 20 announcement

But there are few people who guessed it correctly

No invitation guess on facebook

No more invite system for OnePlus One. That's why we all are "Invited". By Aakash Naresh

The invite thing will vanish..... that would be nice, since an invite is all that is keeping me from this phone. By  Heather Jones Rodebush

Today on April 20, 2015 OnePlus announced the farewell to invitation system. Now if you want to buy an OnePlus One you will not have to have an invitation, just visit the websites and buy it if it is in stock. This is applicable globally.

This week marks a very special anniversary for OnePlus. Exactly one year ago this Wednesday, April 23rd, we announced the OnePlus One to the world. With your fantastic support, engagement and most importantly encouragement, we are now pulling the curtains down on what has been, a fantastic “invitation only” journey for our awesome device. Why the change of heart? Simply put, the demand for our flagship product has never been higher and what better way to celebrate our anniversary than having an “invite” free model for this superb device.

Earlier OnePlus started a open sale on every Tuesday on selected countries, and now it is open sale of OnePlus One on every day and all countries where the phone is available.

There can be many reasons for this announcements such as new cheaper phones like Asus Zenfone 2 (which will be announcing on April 23rd in India, Mi 4i, Lenovo A6000 plus etc.) which you can buy without any invitations. OnePlus will be announcing the next version of their flagship phone soon. etc.

If you are planning to buy a OnePlus One, OnePlus is giving you an offer on their anniversary. If you are from India to  buy a OnePlus One before April 23, 2015 you can get flat 50% off on OnePlus JBL E1+ Earphones or  OnePlus Flip Cover (White) or  OnePlus Premium Matte Screen Protector. You can choose only one accessory with this 50% off. For other countries

For just 24 hours, we’re offering a 75% discount on OnePlus Flip Covers and Premium Screen Protectors. Additionally, Bamboo Style Swap covers will now be available without an invite (while supplies last). Please note that these promotions are only valid in the following regions: USA/Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Oneplus also inform that when OnePlus 2 will be launched initially it will be with invites.

What you think about it ? share with us.

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