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Automatically post RSS feeds to Google Plus Pages Free

Hoot Suite post automatically to Google Plus

Do you own a Google plus page for your website and trouble to update it ? Here is a way to to automatically update your page from RSS feed of your website for free.

You can use HootSuite to automatically update your page from feed.

1. Create a HootSuite account

2. Click add a social network

add social network

3.Select Google plus and “Connect with Google+”

connect to google plus

4. Give permissions to Hootsuite for accessing Google Plus details (read the permissions carefully)

give permissions

5. Select the pages you want to use by clicking the “+”

select google plus pages

6. Now go to setting and select RSS/Atom

select RSS -Atom

7. Next screen you can enter the values

enter details

Fill the following

Your RSS feed URL

Select the Google plus page  from the drop down

Set the duration for checking RSS feed (minimum is one hour)

Number of posts need to be processed at a time

Text from the post need to be added or not

Any custom text need to be added

URL shortening service to use

Click Save

That’s all you wanted to do.

The feeds are restricted to 2 for the free account.