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Alan Wake is on sale for 90% off on Steam, GOG: Final chance to get the game before it is removed permanently

Alan Wake, the horror game and its follow-up, Alan Wake American Nightmare, are on sale for 90% off of their regular prices. The reason is actually quite sad.

Alan Wake Steam Sale 90 percent off

The license for the music in the game, is expiring soon. After it does, Remedy Entertainment, the developers of the game (and of the Max Payne franchise) will no longer be able to sell Alan Wake. Some folks say that it may be a good idea for them, to replace the music in game and then continue to sell the game, but we are not sure if that is even possible. Alan Wake American Nightmare is not affected by this issue, but it is also on sale.

Once you buy the game on Steam or GOG, you will be able to download it anytime you want to, even after the game is delisted.

Anyhow, you can get Alan Wake for Rs. 72 ($2.99), which is 90% off the regular price on Steam. OR you could get the Alan Wake Collector's Edition, which has Alan Wake + Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras for Rs. 76.

Alan Wake final sale 90 percent off

Even better is the Alan Wake Franchise package which includes Alan Wake + Alan Wake's American Nightmare + Alan Wake Collector's Edition Extras for just Rs. 84 ($3.99). The game is also on sale at various other online stores like Humble Bundle and GOG for the same price (in $).

The final Alan Wake sale ends on Monday, 15th May. The developers said that it was a 48 hour sale, and it began at 10 AM PST (around 10:30 PM IST), so it should be on sale till around 12 hours from now.