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Travel Interpreter, MapsWithMe Pro, Rain Alarm OSM Pro and 3 other apps worth $27.85 - Free today on Amazon Appstore [Limited Time]




Readers, I hope you would have started following our new series titled “Get Paid Android Applications for FREE” which went live 2 days back. This series will provide you information on the Paid Android apps that are available for free for a limited time, which is usually 24 hours.


Moving further, in this post I want to share with you the news about few more Paid Android apps that have gone free.


Today you can get the following Paid Applications from Amazon Appstore for free. Usually these apps will cost you $27.85, but for a limited time they are all available for Free on Amazon, titled as “Getaway Essentials”.


1. Travel Interpreter by Jourist Verlags GmbH (originally costs $9.99) - rated 4 stars on Amazon
2. MapsWithMe Pro, Offline Maps by MapsWithMe (originally costs $4.99) - rated 3 stars on Amazon
3. Rain Alarm OSM Pro by Michael Diener – Software e.K. (originally costs $4.10 ) - rated 3.5 stars on Amazon
4. OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation by OSMAnd (originally costs $3.99) - rated 3 stars on Amazon
5. Weather Live by Apalon (originally costs $2.99) - rated 4 stars on Amazon
6. Weather Ex by MacroPinch (originally costs $1.99) - rated 3.5 stars on Amazon


So, all in all it's a superb deal to not only save $27.85 on apps, but also get yourself loaded with the essential apps for Free.


Remember this is a time-sensitive offer and will expire at 2am EST, 2014-Feb-01 / 12.30pm IST, 2014-Feb-01. So act fast and grab this offer here.


Also, do check here for other Android apps, which are available free for a limited time.


PS: It doesn’t require to download the offered apps right away. Rather you just have to buy them (for FREE) within the offer period, and install at any later date. The apps will always be available in your Amazon account.