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Firefox 29 released with new design and menu

Mozilla announced the latest version of Firefox browser. The version 29 includes a new Menu , Curved tabs. The new tab design looks similar to chrome. The Menu is moved to the right side and the menu can be customized as you wish. The menu customizat... [More]

Firefox 27 released for Desktop and Mobile

Firefox released latest version 27 yesterday with bug fixes and new features. The updated SocialApi will allow to send multiple notifications at the same time Enabled TLS 1.1 (RFC 4346) and TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) by default Added support for S... [More]

Firefox 20 Beta Version available for download

Firefox released the Beta version its famous browser version (Version 20). The latest version offers some cool new features. The main features added on the version 20 is 1. Per windows private browsing, which will allow you to use private browsing ... [More]

Firefox 19 released - With built in PDF viewer

Firefox released the latest version of its desktop browser version 19.0 with new features and many bug fixes. The new feature in the Firefox 19 is that is is having a built in PDF viewer. The improvements are in the developer section and HTML5 sectio... [More]