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Windows 10 Lock screen - How to save Windows spotlight Images

Windows 10 Lock screen How to save Windows spotlight Images or disable them

Windows Spotlight shows beautiful images from Bing on your Lock screen. These images will change automatically so that you will get new lock screen background every day.

To enable or Disable the Windows spotlight Lock screen

1. Visit Personalization section wither from settings or from the right click menu on the desktop

Personalize windows

2. Select Lock screen

Enable disable windows sportlight

3. From the background dropdown select Windows Spotlight to enable it. To disable it you can select any of the other two options (picture or slide show)

The problem with the Windows spotlight is that it may show advertisements on your wall. So what if you want to show Bing wallpapers as your lock screen background and do not want advertisements ? read this , Use Bing images on your Windows 10 Lock Screen and automatically change them. (You may also interested in How to Set Bing images as Wallpaper on Windows 10).

So if you are enabled the Windows spotlight and want to save the images ? here is how you can do it

1. open the following path by copy and paste it on run section or  paste it on the explorer address bar

Get assets folder


2.  Make sure you enabled option to view hidden items under View tab

Enable view hidden files

3. copy all the files to a new folder and rename all the files to .jpg, open the new folder in command prompt and use the following command  to do that

ren *.* *.jpg

4.  Open the folder in windows explorer and change the view to Large icons

Get Windows spotlight images

You will be able to find the lock screen images from the Windows spotlight in the folder, Select the files you want and delete other files.