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Hitman GO for iOS devices is set to arrive on April 17th

Hitman is by no means a strangers amongst gamers, even our Editor Krish has played and loved the games featuring Agent 47.


Now, mobile game publishers Square Enix, have announced the deadly assassin is all set to sneak on to mobile platforms.

The new game, named Hitman GO, will arrive in the form of a diorama-style, turn-based strategy game for mobile devices. The game will feature 68 levels, that are unlockable by completing all side objectives within the game. It will also have 8 “Curtains Down” levels, which have been inspired by the 2006 hit in, Hitman Blood Money!


The developers have promised to add more levels coming in the future too, so stay tuned!

Hitman GO will be available on iOS tablets and phones this April 17th, carrying a price tag of $4.99 , with an Android version expected shortly after the release on iOS.

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via: Softpedia