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Extension to reduce Chrome memory footprint

greatSuspender- Reduce Google Chrome Memory Footprint

Earlier we have posted some Browser Memory footprint comparisons here and also 3 Alternate Browsers - Lightweight browsers. This time we are going to discuss about a Chrome extension, which will help you to reduce the memory footprint of Google Chrome browser.

The Chrome extension “The Great Suspender” allows you to suspend unused tabs to reduce the memory usage by the chrome.

The Great Suspender menu where you can suspend just one tab or all tabs. It also allows you to reload all tabs.

Suspend tabs - menu

Now the memory usage, we have 10 tabs opened.

All tabs unsuspended


all tabs unsuspended

Just one tab suspended

tab suspended

memory usage

one tab suspended

You can see the number of process, reduced.

Now used the “Suspend all tabs” from the menu , and now see the total Chrome memory Usage

all tabs suspended

Enabled just one tab

one tab unsuspended

It seems to be a very handy extension for users who are opening so many tabs at a time for future use, they can just suspend those tabs which are not in use and can unsuspended or reload the page when ever needed.

This extension also have an option to suspend a tab after a specific inactive time in the settings, and if you don’t want to suspend some sites even if it is inactive you can add those sites to the white list.


You can read more about the The Great Suspender extension and download it from here