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9 Free Cloud Storage and online backup Services

Free Cloud Storage and online backup Services

Here are 9 Cloud storage or online backup services you may find helpful. These will help you to save files online. This is not a detailed review of these services, while just wanted to list the services and specify the storage space and synchronizing features and devices they support.

1. MediaFire


MediaFire 50 Gb Free online cloud storage

MediaFire offers 50Gb of Free online cloud storage  with a maximum of 200Mb for individual files. You can download MediaFire Express, a tool which will help you to upload and share files easily from your desktop.

MediaFire Express lets you place your files into the cloud with a single click. Now you can easily share, backup, store, and collaborate, all directly from your desktop

Read more and get 50Gb free online cloud storage from here


2. Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5Gb of free online cloud storage for all accounts. You may pay more and get more space if you need. Amazon also introduced Cloud Drive Desktop Application which will synchronize the files between your desktop and Amazon cloud drive. You can get the Desktop Application from here, also read more about amazon Cloud Drive here


900x300_home-63fa795f00ba0978fd4f74a6d60b520b offers 5GB online cloud storage. SimpleShare is a tool from which will help you to share files quickly from your Windows, Mac computers. It also offers Mobile applications. Earlier we have wrote about getting 50Gb of free online cloud storage on if you are having an Android phone. You can read that post here. The offer is limited to some specific phones now you can read the details here

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4. SkyDrive


Microsoft SkyDrive Offers 7GB of free online storage and applications which can sync with PC, Mac computers and also mobile devices like Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad etc.  If you have a microsoft account you can easily create a Skydrive account by just logging in.

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5. Google Drive


Google Drive offers 5Gb of online storage with ability to sync with

  • PC and Mac
  • Chrome OS
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android devices

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6. DropBox


Dropbox offers Free 2Gb online Could storage while you can earn up to 18GB (500MB for each referral). The SkyDrive supports syncing with Windows, Mac and Linux Computers and also Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire Mobile devices.

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7. SugarSync


SugarSync offers 5GB of free online storage with Sync applications on computers



Mobile devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian
  • Win Mobile

You can earn up to 12GB of storage by completing easy tasks like Install Sugar Sync Manager on your computer, sharing a folder, invite friends etc.

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8.Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One offers 5Gb of online Cloud storafe for Free and Sync apps for Windows, and Ubuntu. Mobile sync apps for Android, iPhone & iPad are also available.

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9 Cloud Me


With CloudMe, everyone gets 3 GB of online cloud storage for free


  • 3 GB Storage

  • Web Access

  • Mobile Access

  • Automatic Upload

  • Stream Music

  • Sharing

  • Sync Devices

  • Blue Folderâ„¢

  • Supports


    Mac OS






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