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Windows 7 Tips and utilities

This is just show something that is interesting in Windows 7. Some of them are there in Viata too, but i was moving from Xp to Windows 7 so many of them are new to me :P.

1. I was using Find and Run Robot in xp as an quick application launcher. in Windows 7 i just use the in built in the in the start menu itself.




2. Option to display the windows in different style, Just right click on the task bar and choose one style



3. History on the Start menu, You can see that the last opened image in the Photoshop in the below screenshot.


4. Sniping tool to capture the screen shots



5. Sticky notes, it will allow you to add a sticky note to your desktop.



6. Media player 12 and you can control it by just mouse over on the taskbar


7. Show desktop, it is moved to the right end of the task bar, It is toggling with show desktop and to the precious view


8. Xp mode in windows 7, you can run Windows Xp with the help of Virtual PC



Here is some cool tips for windows 7 users

1. To open a new instance if an application , just Shift+Click on the item on the task bar

2. Click on a window and shake it, that will minimize all other windows which this window in coming in contact.

3.  To show desktop use Win+Space and Hold Win key, when you release windows will come as previous.

4. Win+Home will minimize all the windows except the active one

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