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Why You Should Definitely Get An iPhone Case

Why You Should Definitely Get An iPhone Case

A Phoenician, savvy in the ways of the ancient world, who happened to time travel to the 20th century, would rank the iPhone 7 as one of the wonders of the world after he looked over all the nifty features.

While we have come to take the iPhone for granted, pause to think of what it means to have one.

So, before we discuss why you should seriously start thinking about iPhone cases, let's pause for a minute to understand just how invaluable it is to own an iPhone. We’re not talking dollar value, but intrinsic value.

A Quick Journey Back in Time

Talking about time-travel, let’s put the smartphone in perspective in relationship to computer history.

First, going back to 1946, the first computer, the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), weighed 27 tons. It was about by 8 feet by 3 feet. And it cost about $500,000.

While computers were smart, they were no match for human intelligence.

That is, until 1997. Then, IBM’s Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov the reigning World Chess champion at a special tournament in New York City. We’re talking about beating one of the smartest human beings at one of the most intellectually demanding games in history!

Interestingly enough, the smartphone, was invented even earlier than IBM blue. The Simon Personal Communicator, also invented by IBM, was a combination of a phone with a PDA. Fifteen years later Apple released the iPhone, which is almost a pocket-sized computer. Much to Jobs’ credit, it was a huge improvement over the first smartphone. When consumers found out that it was a computer you could put in your pocket, it contributed to making Apple one of the most prosperous companies in the world.

Does your iPhone need A Case?

Once you realize what a marvelous instrument you carry in your pocket, the answer is a little obvious. iPhone cases are indispensable! It took a lot of collective genius to create that iPhone. Like everything else you value, it needs the best protection you can get. It’s a little like asking if you should use a password to protect your bank account or use baby car seats when transporting your newborn.

Still for those who might argue that it’s unnecessary--here are 4 reasons why they need to get an iPhone case in case you haven’t got around to it yet or are thinking of buying an iPhone:

Reason #1: Protection against drops.

Given a chance, most things plunge to earth when you loosen your grip on them. It’s unlikely that you’ll never drop your iPhone all the years you carry it. While it may survive the occasional fall, this is not a risk worth taking. A good case can improve your grip and it can prevent the sudden demise of your best e-friend!

Reason #2: It protects your iPhone against scratches.

The main reason you want a case is to protect it against scratches. A scratch can do more than mar the pretty screen. It can also ruin your camera lens which is flush against the back of the phone. In other words, scratches can make your iPhone look ugly and ruin its functionality.

Reason #3: It makes your iPhone easy to identify.

Imagine one of the following scenarios:

1.  You’re in a delicate business meeting and the organizers take away your all the smartphones so that nobody disrupts the critical meeting with any electronic interruptions.

2.  You’re at a social gathering and somehow a lot of iPhones end up on the dining table.

3.  You leave your iPhone at a restaurant and the manager pulls out a box full of iPhones many other patrons have forgotten, too.

What do these and other similar scenarios have in common? They make it hard for you to identify your iPhone. It’s difficult to pick the right iPhone when other people don’t have cases either. Bizarre and unlikely as these incidents might be, they do occasionally happen.

Reason #4: It preserves the resale value of your iPhone.

Assuming you decide that you want the latest upgrade and you would like to reduce the cost by selling your iPhone. Your resale value will have plummeted if you have scratches and dings on your iPhone. All those nicks will be costing you real dollars.

Yet, not everyone wants a case. Why?  

Here are 4 reasons put forward and why they don't stand up to close scrutiny. 

1. It adds bulk.

The amount is so small, it’s almost negligible.

2. It won’t save the phone from every drop.

Perhaps, but a case is better than no case and some cases can provide a lot of impact protection.

3. It’s expensive.

Certainly, but when you consider the value of the phone, its money well spent.

4. It overheats.

Don’t place it in an enclosed space or leave it in the sun and get a cover that is breathable.

All things considered, it’s far better to get an iPhone case than not to get one. The reasons for getting one are much stronger than the excuses for taking the path of least resistance. It’s not just about the dollar value, but also the intrinsic value. It’s about respecting the value of collective genius in improving the quality of our lives.