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The whole truth about free VPN and the level of their security

Are VPNs for a zero price really free?

Do you know that Internet users can pay nothing and get VPN securing their data from any hacker or an interested person? That is the truth! There is a high number of services which offer VPN for nothing. However, an experienced user will always ask: “Are they free? How they make money if they offer a quality VPN for nothing?”. If you remain one of them and you want to know whether to inquire complimentary VPN or not, you are in the right place.


How free VPN services earn money?

The loose cheese appears only in the mousetrap. We were taught that from the very childhood and we always become suspicious about “free” services (if they are not organized by NGOs). However, you shouldn’t worry much about companies offering complimentary services. There are 3 ways how they can earn money:

1. A lot of companies provide packages with restricted functional for a zero price. For example, according to hide me vpn review, Malaysian-based VPN provider offers 3 packages, only one of them is free. This free package offers only 2 Gb of secure traffic with a lower quality, if the client wants to enrich that, she will pay extra for selecting these packages;

2. Some companies offering complimentary VPN do that because they don’t earn all money by offering such services. They use subscripted computers for collecting data on clients and sell it to those who become ready to pay. Clients’ files and data will remain the same way secure as in case of a paid package but they should decide themselves, do they want for anyone to use their personal data;

3. Some companies provide these services using obsolete scripts which make the protection meaningless. The truth is, trying to inquire them, you only waste your time.

There is no free lunch, if you want to defend your computer, you should pay. If not by money, then by your personal data or by the lower level of quality. However, there are still some companies offering sufficient services for free.

Do I really need to pay for my personal VPN?


One should never choose provider by the price of a package it offers. If users want to encrypt data received from home computer or in places with public Wi-Fi, they can use complimentary package and be better off. For businessmen wanting to secure business processes and financial transactions only high quality and pricy packages can deliver sufficient level of privacy. Everyone should base their decision on specific needs and objective considerations. So if you already know why you need a secured network, you can make a decision, whether to inquire the free network or make agreement with provider for a little contribution.