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PayPal or Google Checkout which one is better for Indian payers

Google Checkout or Paypal

Today I wanted to make a payment of $30 to the hosting service Arvixe, and they have many options to make the payments like Credit card, PayPal Google Checkout etc.  I used to make the payment using PayPal. Today I checked the difference between the PayPal And Google Checkout and found that there is a difference of 71.68 Rupees, when making a payment of $30.

The Google Checkout showed the approximate amount as 1626. 75 and actual amount was 1624.35

Paypal or Google Checkout - which one is better

While for the PayPal, the amount 1696.03 which is exactly 71.68 Rupees higher that Google Checkout.

Google Checkout or paypal - which one is better

So I decided to make payment (in USD) using Google checkout when ever possible.

Any one from any other country felt the same ?