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Paid Android Games for FREE for a limited time

Paid android games for FREE

Earlier we covered some Icon packs giveaway by the developers on Google Play store. Now here are some Android Games giveaways by the developers. These are games which will be available for FREE for a limited time, if you get them while they are free, it will be available always in your account, even though you uninstall them)

If you are interested in getting more information about these kind of offers, you can have a look at Free Android Applications Giveaway, where you will find more Android Games, tools, apps and personalization application which are available for a short term.

1. Ninja Knight

ninja knight

Worth INR 35.00, FREE for a limited time Get it from Play Store

2. Buff Knight Advanced (INR 60.00)

Buff Knight Advanced

There is a free version of this is available with banner advertisements, but now you can get the game with out advertisements for FREE,

3. Dungeon Defense (INR 60.00)

Dungeon Defense

4. Bloons Supermonkey 2 (INR 200)

Bloons Supermonkey 2

An addictive tower defense game, instead of towers monkeys with different weapons will be protecting your country  -

5. Survival Online GO (INR 95.00)

Survival Online GO

Survival Online GO is a very unique game where all the action takes place on a distant, green and juicy land! The thing is that this time you are not alone here! Bring your friends and go on adventures together! Explore the island, hunt wild animals, gather food and mine resources! Craft weapons and armor and build safe shelters with your friends! Or you can invade somebody else's island and start a real fast paced war!