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PCKeeper Live–Review and Full version license Giveaway

PCKeeper Live–Review and Giveaway

PCKeeper Live is a collection of utilities to protect and optimize your PC, which is presented on Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas of 2014. The main attraction of this PCKeeper Live is that it offers 24x7 Live technical expert support.  You can get help from a Microsoft-certified experts , who will optimize your computer remotely. This product will be only one of its category it seems. So you will be getting a fix designed just for your PC.

PCKeeper Live is a software utility service, which specialty lies in custom PC optimization, implying the user-to-expert cooperation. It allows users who are suffering from adware, bloated registry, etc. to clean their PC without extensive knowledge about software.  It differentiate from other cleaning programs, as the most groundbreaking and unique feature of it is Find&Fix. This feature introduces a new approach to system care, bringing a real human analysis of your PC problems. Microsoft Certified technicians create fix solutions, designed just for each users computer. It's the only software product on the market which is not only automated engine cleaning program, but have a real experts who look on each users pc.

PCKeeper Live

PCKeeper Live can scan your PC and suggest changes which to improve the performance of your computer. It generates a report on detected PC problems, which is sent to remote specialists for further research. They analyze your PC scan results in the report and within 24 hours send an optimizing solution back to your computer. All you need to do is to apply this solution, designed specifically for your PC. One click, and your computer is optimized.

PCKeeper Live–Review


Live Expert to get fix just for your PC

Detect  and remove unwanted toolbars from your computer.

Reset the firewall if it was changed by some malicious software

Scan and fix registry problems

By optimizing the software/services starting with Windows, it can improve the start up time

Clean the junk files to improve performance and save storage space

Watch the video below , which will give you an idea on how it works


We have 10 License keys for 6 month for PCKeeper Live for our readers (Thank you Anna)

PCKeeper Live Full version license Giveaway