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Optimize your internet connection speed with Internet Cell Boost

Internet Cell Boost is an effective tool from Reohix that increases the performance of your existing configuration without any upgrade in your hardware or Internet Subscription. It doesn't matter if your internet connection is already fast or way too slow. Internet Cell Boost will make sure you spend less time waiting and more time browsing the internet by optimizing your connection to its peak.

It is an easy to use software which allows you to optimize various Windows Registry Settings that affect internet and network connection speeds through a simple and intuitive user interface. It works on all types of connections including DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, WiMax, Dial-Up, ISDN and closed Networks.

Internet Cell Boost will safely optimize everything for peak performance with a single click and once these optimizations have been applied they will be saved permanently. But you can restore every settings to default or adjust certain optimizations at any stage.



  -Faster download speed and improved website browsing.
  -Parallel sever connections and concurrent downloads.
  -A much smoother multimedia streaming experience.
  -Optimized configurations for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  -Improved LAN, WAN and VPN performance.

Internet Cell Boost can be downloaded as a freeware but later you can upgrade to the premium version for advanced features.

  -Optimize Internet Connection [free and premium]
  -Adjust Bandwidth Reserved For QoS [free and premium]
  -Download & Upload Speed Monitoring [free and premium]
  -Measure Bandwidth Capacity [free and premium]
  -Optimize Advanced Settings [premium]
  -Optimize Local Area Network [premium]
  -Optimize Mozilla Firefox [premium]
  -Optimize Microsoft Internet Explorer [premium]
  -Intelligent Automatic Optimization [premium]

The Internet Cell Boost can be downloaded from Reohix's official website.