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OnePlus genuine spare parts price


OnePlus India reveled the prices of the genuine spare parts for their phones including parts of OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.

OnePlus One Front-cover combination(black) will cost INR 6530, Main board of OnePlus one with 64GB storage will be INR 14450 while 16GB will be 12500. OnePlus Two Front-cover assembly will cost INR 10000, and OnePlus X Front-cover assembly will be INR 6670.

Battery price

OnePlus One – INR 1200

OnePlus Two – INR 1000

OnePlus X – INR 1252 (Battery cover assembly)

You can read all the components and their prices using this link

Here is a note from OnePlus

All the price listed are excluding tax, the total repair cost is different because of different tax rate in each state; Should you require the repair of more multiple parts, you will only be charged a one time labor fee. ; You will be only charged for labor fee without consuming any spare part if device's warranty period expired; If you are being quoted a price (excluding tax) which is different from the list showing, please contact with care line 18001028411(Toll Free) or share with