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Merry Christmas - Christmas Wallpapers and windows 7 themes from Geekiest


Here comes Christmas wallpaper from Geekiest. Wallpaper designed by Shiyon You can download it in different resolutions. And also a windows 7 theme

Geekiest Merry Christams windows 7 theme

Geekiest-Merry-Christmas.themepack (889.36 kb)


christmas_wallpaper_400x300.jpg (128.42 kb) - For Nokia E71, E72 and E63


christmas_wallpaper_ipad.jpg (172.21 kb) - For iPad


christmas_wallpaper_800x600.jpg (354.72 kb)


christmas_wallpaper_1024x720.jpg (510.57 kb)


christmas_wallpaper_1024x768.jpg (572.23 kb)


christmas_wallpaper_1280x720.jpg (535.84 kb)


christmas_wallpaper_1280x1024.jpg (725.49 kb)


christmas_wallpaper_1600x900.jpg (739.06 kb)