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How to save Orkut Data

Earlier We posted about Google’s announcement to shut down Orkut. If you were a an Orkut user like me, there will be many photos and scraps testimonials etc. Now it is time to save them.

You can either download the Orkut photos to your computer or can import your photos from your Orkut account to your Google Plus account. To do this

1. Sign in to your Google+ account

2.  Visit (on the same browser)

3. Select the albums you need to import to Google+ (you can use Select All if you want all photos to be imported)

import Orkut photos

4. click import selected

importing photos from orkut to google plus

These photos will be private in Google+, if you want them as public, you can change settings of the albums.

You can download your Orkut information like Profile, Scraps, Testimonials, Activities and your photos. You can use the Google takeout service for downloading them

1. visit

2. Click “Create Archive” button

Download Orkut Data

The archive will include your photos (as you uploaded it), and orkut profile as HTML files.

3. wait for some time while Google create your archive file

Creating Orkut Data Archive

4. You can download zip file once the file creation is over. for me the file is 41.798MB in size.

Orkut Zip file 

You can download the data using the take out service until September 2016.