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Giveaway - Amigabit Data Recovery

 Giveaway - Amigabit Data Recovery full version licens

Amigabit Data Recovery is a wonderful tool to recover data which you might have lost by accidental deletion, format etc. When you delete or format a file/folder/partition windows is not removing the files actually from your hard disc. So you can retrieve a file deleted if it is not over written by some other files.

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When you start Amigabit Data Recovery you can choose 2 options, one is File recovery, other one is is Advanced Recovery.

Giveaway - Amigabit Data Recovery

File Recovery

it helps you take back the deleted files only. This is faster than the other.  You will have to choose the partition you wanted to scan

choose the partition you wanted to scan

and choose the file type you want to recover. You can choose, Images, Videos, Audio files, Documents, executable files, or can search for all files types if you want. if you know the file type it will be easy to find it from the recovered files.

choose the file type you want to recover

Scanning for files

You can see the files and folders recovered,  browse and you can choose all one just one item to recover

recover deleted files

If you want to check the scanning result later you can export the scanning results and can resume the recovery process later using the Resume Recovery option. You can save it as a .scn file and can use it later.

Advanced Recovery

Advanced recovery is slower than the File recovery mode, but in this mode it can undelete the files and also can take the file which you lost after a format. The steps are same as the first method, choose partition and file types. It will bring more photos and can recover the original file also. This scanning mode is really effective. You can see on the below image just after 1.4% it found 95 files.

deep scanning and recovery

If you choose shortcut mode, it will show you option to recover from the portable disk alone too.

shortcut mode

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