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Free USB Hidden Copier Pro License

Free USB Hidden Copier Pro License

USB hidden copier is a program which will copy all/specific file types from your USB drives with out any command. This application will be very handy if you want to backup your USB drive to your system frequently. What you have to do is just install the program, set the  things up once, and that’s all, when ever you (or any one) connects a USB drive to your PC, this aplication will copy the files from it to your PC automatically.

The application have a Free and PRO versions available. Free version allows you to copy a maximum of 10Mb at a time. also have many other restrictions compared with PRO version. Pro version features includes the following

Supports 30Gb of file transferring at a time

Choose file extensions to copy from USB drive

Exclude my own USB

AutoRun on every PC start

Choose where I save data

Supports External HDD

This PRO version will costs you $37 normally and now reduced to $27 (for a limited time), but you can get this for free from this link. this is a time limited offer which will expire in 2 days, so please grab the license if you are interested.

Regarding the usage there are many security threats as it may cause your system to get virus affected when copy files from the Pen drive. So use the product with care. On the same page many users reported that there are virus alerts from McAfee, Symantec etc and here is the reply from the product company

Due to the nature of the program to run in background, there may be false-flags rarely in certain cases. That's why we update it frequently and advice our customers to purchase the PRO version which offers automatic updates and avoids these issues in almost 99% of the times.