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Where's My Water, Temple Run Oz and 7 other Disney Games are free for a limited time at Windows Phone Store

FREE–Nine Disney games for Windows Phone

Here is a happy news for Windows Phone users. Disney started a summer sale, you can get 9 Disney games for your Windows Phones for FREE. The games available for free are the following

1. Where's My Water? ($1.99/FREE)

2. Where's My Perry?  ($2.99/$0)

3. Temple Run: Brave  ($1.99/$0)

4. Temple Run: Oz  ($1.99/$0)

5. Disney Solitaire (WP)  ($1.99/$0)

6. Where's My Perry?  ($1.99/$0)

7. "Where’s My Water?" Featuring XYY  ($1.99/$0)

8. Lost Light (WP) ($1.99/$0)

9. Disney Checkout Challenge (WP) ($0.99/$0)

The 1,2,3,7 are similar where you will be guiding water to a specific target. These are really addictive games.

Temple Run is one of the most famous endless running game, you can get the Temple Run Brave and Oz for free on this offer, these games will cost you around USD 2 normally. The OZ is inspired by the movie Oz the Great and Powerful.

Disney Solitaire will have 120 levels of gaming.

Lost Light - Maneuver your way through forests and help cute animals restore light to the world in this puzzle adventure.

This offer started already and will be ending on 17 June 2015.  We will be grabbing some of them for sure, what you think Windows Phone users ?

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