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Free Game - Rubik’s Cube

 Rubik’s Cube

Do you love to play Rubik's cube? Here is a free  Rubik’s Cube game for you (PC only),  You need NOT to install this game, just unzip the downloaded file and execute the exe file, that’s all. It is a portable version which you can take in your USB drive and play on any PC. You can save the status of the game and continue when you start it next time by loading the previously saved game.

Rubik's cube is the most famous 3D matching combination puzzle game invented by Ernő Rubik, it was earlier called as Magic cube.  The basic cube will have six faces and 9 parts on each side.

You can change the complexity of the game by increasing number of squares on each face. You can try this game with nine squares on each face or try up to 50x50x50 on one side.

Below is how you can play the game

 Rubik’s Cube Help

only one issue I found is that it will close the window with out any confirmation if you accidentally closed it. There should be some warning before the application is getting closed.

Do if you are a  Rubik’s Cube fan, download it from Softpedia