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FREE eBook worth USD48.99 - Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions

FREE eBook worth USD 48.99- Cybersecurity

Here is an eBook, Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions written by Thomas J. Mowbray, PhD,CEA2, CPHIMS, GPEN Gold, which covers from basics of cyber security to advanced level of it. Cyber security is helps you to stay protected from the threats such as virus, Trojan etc. This book shares techniques for cyber security testing, planning, and reporting.

Contents of the book

Part I Cyber Network Security Concepts

Executive Summary

The Problems: Cyber Antipatterns

Enterprise Security Using the Zachman Framework

Part II Cyber Network Security Hands-On

Network Administration for Security Professionals

Customizing BackTrack and Security Tools

Protocol Analysis and Network Programming

Reconnaissance, Vulnerability Assessment,and Cyber Testing

Penetration Testing

Cyber Network Defense Using Advanced Log Analysis

Part III Cyber Network Application Domains

Cybersecurity for End Users, Social Media,and Virtual Worlds

Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Business

Large Enterprise Cybersecurity: Data Centers and Clouds

Healthcare Information Technology Security

Cyber Warfare: An Architecture for Deterrence

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