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Expresso - Free DOTNET regular expression development tool

Free DOTNET regular expression development tool


Build complex regular expressions by selecting components from a palette

Test expressions against real or sample input data

Display all matches in a tree structure, showing captured groups, and all captures within a group

Build replacement strings and test the match and replace functionality

Highlight matched text in the input data

Test automatically for syntax errors

Generate Visual Basic, C#, or C++ code

Maintain and expand a library of frequently used regular expressions

Analyzes and describes your regular expression in a tree structure

Highlight portions of your expression for partial matching

Easier to use Builder

Support for .NET 2.0 features like character class subtraction and new Unicode classes

Extensive editing capabilities via context menus in both text view and Analyzer view

Line by line validation testing

Test the Regex.Split() method

Insert arbitrary Unicode characters in sample text or regular expression

Code generation for Replacement String and templates for Replace(), Split(), Match() and other regex methods

Support for very long data files

Improvements to threading to allow reliable interruption of slow expression

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