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Echoes of the Past - Windows 7 Theme from Microsoft

Echoes of the Past theme - Windows 7 Theme from Microsoft

Time-travel back to the Age of Steam with a treasure-trove of antique images bathed in a golden Victorian light. A free theme for Windows 7.

This theme have 16 wallpapers.

Antique keys

Antique cash register, close-up of numbers

Still life of charts, books, and various tools used in map making

Old terracotta vase in Florence, Italy

Antique Pocket Watch

A collection of Victorian ephemera, maps, jewellery and photographs

Skeleton key

Old Iron Door on Cemetery Vault

Brass telescope and navigational dividers on antique map

Antique typewriter

Old Antique Clock Face, Sepia Toned

Vintage Aviator Hat and Flying Goggles

Interlocking gears in clockwork mechanism, close-up (sepia tone)

Old keys on old letter

Statue of angel, close-up

Cobblestones, Rome, Italy