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Ashampoo backup Pro 11

Ashampoo backup Pro 11

Backup is an essential thing which every computer user should perform. A backup of your valuable data may be a life saver at times. There are many reasons for Data loss such as physical damage of the hard disk, virus attack such as WannaCry etc. So it is always recommended to have a backup of data.

Ashampoo Backup Pro is a Software solution which can help you to take backups. It can automate the process of Backup process so that you will have to just set it up once and have peace of mind. Recently Ashampoo released the latest version 11 of the Ashampoo Backup Pro.


Backup entire Windows System, Restore it when required. You can create a rescue disk using this application which will help you to restore the data even when you cannot boot in to your operating system.

rescue disk

The backup destination can be your hard disk, External hard disk, Net work drives or cloud data storage spaces like Google Drive, Drop box, one drive etc., which is much more safer than the local data backup.

backup storage type

So what arer the data you can select to backup ? The Backup Pro gives you option to choose individual files, folders, drives, windows system or even the entire hard disc based on your requirements. 

backup data selection

The latest "Infinite Reverse Incremental" technology used lesser space than the previous versions.


You can set the backup process to automatically, so that the software will do the backup process for you, it will also pause the process if the system require more resources, which will avoid the slowness of your system when you use it.

For security reasons you can encrypt your backup files and also can password protect it, you may also select compression methods (7Zip/LZMA) to reduce the data storing space.


Backup Mails, contacts and smart rules of Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, Edge, Explorer etc.

Email reports

Create backup images of hard disks with capacity greater than 2 TB

The Software will cost $49.99. You can download and try a trial version of the product. If you are lucky you can participate on the following giveaway and get a free full version license of Ashampoo backup Pro 11.

Ashampoo backup Pro 11 Giveaway