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Android and Web Development courses FREE from Google and Udacity

Android Devlopment Cources Free from Google and Udacity

Here is a chance to learn Android development and Web development online, that too from the top experts from Google itself. There are Free courses on  Cloud programming and App Entrepreneurship too.  All these courses are developed by Google instructors.

The courses available under Android Development are

Android App Development for Beginners: How to Make an Android App, with Katherine Kuan

Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals, with Reto Meier, Katherine Kuan, Dan Galpin and Alex Lucas. This course is not Free actually, you can get a 14 day trial of this and after that you will have to pay $199/month. So once you finish all other courses you can join this and may finish it fast in 14 days you will get it for free.

Advanced Android app development: Productionize and Publish Your Apps, with Dan Galpin, Ian Lake and Johanna Smith

Google Play services: Use Google APIs to Improve Your Apps (Maps, Location, and more!), with Jocelyn Becker, Magnus Hyttsten and Laurence Moroney

Android Ubiquitous Computing: Extend Apps to Wearables, TV and Auto, with Timothy Jordan, Wayne Piekarski and Joshua Gordon

Android Performance: Optimizing Apps for Speed and Usability, with Colt McAnlis

Android Design for Developers: Make Your Apps Material, with Nick Butcher and Roman Nurik

Gradle for Android and Java: Build Better Apps Though Automation with Gradle

Few of these courses are not available as of now, if you are an UDACITY user, you will be get notified when they are available if you click the Notify Me button on the page.

Courses available under Web development are

Browser Rendering Optimization

Responsive Web Design Fundamentals Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

Responsive Images Responsive Images

Website Performance Optimization Website Performance Optimization

Developing Scalable Apps in Python Developing Scalable Apps in Python

Developing Scalable Apps in Java Developing Scalable Apps in Java

Mobile Web Development Mobile Web Development

HTML5 Game Development HTML5 Game Development

Each one of the courses are available separately and for FREE.  Arabic doubbed videos are also available

Google will offer 2,000 scholarships to students to get a certificate for completing the Arabic version of the Android Fundamentals course.

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