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Amazon India launched eGiftCards

Amazon India launched eGiftCards

Amazon India launched eGiftCards for the Indian Amazon users. These gift cards are redeemable on all products except eBooks and apps.

You can select a Gift card from INr 10 to INR 10,000. To send a gift card first you choose the event ( there are many events available on the list)

giftcard events

Enter the amount, personalized message and the email address of the recipient.  After the payment the gift card will be sent to the recipient, which they can use to buy any product from Amazon India Store. The Gift card can be send on 9 Indian languages









The receiver do not need to spend the amount for one purchase, when a buyer uses a giftcard for a purchase less than the amount of it, the balance will be added to his account and which he can claim when purchasing something else later.

These gift cards are valid for 12 months, while in some countries Amazon offers up to 36 months of validity (like Germany), and  some other countries like UK have validity till 2024 and in US it will never expire.

Check for more here on Amazon India Website