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AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013

AVG Anti-Virus Protect your PC from viruses. It provides free database update and technical support. It test for virus using virtual device driver which loads into memory when windows starts.



What’s new?

* New interface makes more easier to use.

* Reduced lags and freezes caused by scheduled updates and scans.

* Powerful personal protection using anti-spyware and Wi-Fi hacker-defeating technology.

* Improved Link scanner tool.


* 100% free.

* Reduced scan times.

* Reboot-Free.

* AVG toolbar for secured search.

* Blocks malicious files.

* PC analyzer scans for Registry and disk errors also it includes a disk defragmenter and a broken-shortcut cleaner.

* Provides wide range of effective tools for better protection.

* Rootkit detection and removal.

* Fake antivirus and ransomware blocking.

* Basic e-mail and identity protection.

* Free Db-update for better security.

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