Telegram X is now an official Telegram client with experimental features like Night Mode, Chat previews, WhatsApp-style multi-forwarding and more

Telegram X multi-forward messag 2

About two years ago, an unofficial Telegram client called called Challegram won the Telegram Android Challenge, organized by Pavel Durov, the founder of the instant messaging service. Fast forward to 2018, and it appears that Telegram has acquired the app,… Continue Reading

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter account using 2FA apps like Authy, Google Authenticator (PC and Mobile methods)

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter PC 2

Twitter recently announced a new way to sign in to the service securely, besides the existing SMS based Two-factor authentication. We are talking about 2FA apps of course. This is a superb alternative to SMS authentication which uses OTP (One… Continue Reading