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Free eBook - C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners

   The Windows Club released a new free eBook C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners. If you are a beginner in C# programming this will be a real helpful one. Contents HOW TO CREATE SQL CONNECTION IN C# HOW TO WRITE TEXT TO A TXT FILE IN ... [More]

Automating C# Coding Standards using StyleCop and FxCop

Automate your C# coding standards using StyleCop (Free you can get it from Codeplex) and FxCop which is inbuilt in Visual studio 2008 and 2010. Includes Standardizing an “Art” Enforcing Standards Benefits of Automation Standards Automat... [More]

Remove Duplicate rows from table - SQL Server

I just came to a situation where I have duplicate entries in a table (all fields are identical) and I want to remove the duplicates. After a search I found a simple solution for my problem. In my case, there were 2 duplicate entries for each record.... [More]

How to download videos from YouTube (C#)

Earlier I have written a post on how to download YouTube videos as a FLV file to your computer. YouTube used to change the way the code comes, so once again the logic changed a bit (am not sure it will work for all YouTube videos but it certainly wor... [More]

SQL Server 2008 - Reducing log file size

Today we had a server space issue, and I found that Log file of a Database is nearly 16GB and which caused the issue. As usual I tried to Truncate the log file using DBCC SHRINKFILE(Log-Name, Size) Which did not do the trick. So I had a searc... [More]