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LastPass doubles its Premium subscription prices without informing customers before hand

LastPass, the popular password manager, has doubled its Premium subscription prices out of the blue. The service which normally costs $1/month is now being charged at $2/month.

Lastpass premium prices doubled

So a year's subscription now costs $24 instead of $12.

That may not be a substantial price, but the manner in which it happed is quite unprofessional. LastPass never informed its existing customers about the price hike, so it is quite likely that if they have set their payment to auto renew every month or year, those poor folks are in for a nasty surprise.

As a happy LastPass user since 2010 or so, it does pain me to say this, but the company is now showing signs of its LogMeIn acquisition back in 2015. The real question is, how long will it be when LastPass decides to hike its prices again without warning?

How does this affect LastPass free users?

Technically it doesn't, unless you want to add an emergency contact who can gain access to your password database. This is no longer free, and is only available for premium users.

However, if you already have an emergency contact set, and you are a free user, you will not be affected.

But to be on the safe side from being locked out of your passwords, in case something like that happens, we recommend you look for a free alternative. One such application is the open-source program Keepass or its more advanced derivative, KeePassXC which can import your LastPass database. And you can save the database from Keepass on a cloud drive, and use it with an Android app such as KeePass2Android to have free syncing across platforms.