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Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner – Scan your Android devices for vulnerabilities

Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner

Earlier we have covered few vulnerabilities like Heart bleed which is an issue with OpenSSL. you can fine applications to check this vulnerability here  Heartbleed vulnerability Detector for Android and Heartbleed Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

The Fake ID vulnerability is the vulnerability while verifying the digital signature of an application. This has serious implications in the sense that malicious applications can claim themselves to be legitimate applications and gain access to your device and sensitive data very easily you can read more on our previous post Android Fake ID vulnerability affects all Androids from 2010 onwards.

Kaspersky released an application named Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner, which help you to check your android devices for the vulnerabilities described above and also the Android Master Key which is posted on Bluebox on 3rd July 2013. You can read more about it here.

Scan your Android devices for vulnerabilities

If you are interested to know whether your android devices are vulnerable to any of these three, you can install the Free Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner and scan your device. My Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) and Galaxy S2 (i9100) shows the devices are having the FakeID and Heart Bleed.

Galaxy S4 vulnerability report

Leave a comment if your devices have these issues with the model.