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Giveaway 4– DisplayFusion Pro Standard- Multiple Monitors Made Easy

 DisplayFusion Pro Standard- Giveaway

Multiple Monitors can improve productivity by 20 to 30 percent.  While using Multiple Monitors you may face few issues with the taskbar, wallpaper, screen saver etc.. DisplayFusion is all in one solution for that kind of problems.

I am using multiple monitors for more than 5 years now. The new Windows 8 handle multiple monitors much better than the previous versions, but will you will miss few features

geekiest tripple monitor

Window Management

Window Management

It allows to move the windows from one monitors to the other with click on the icon to move or a simple middle click. This is a really cool feature that you will not have to move your mouse from one monitor to another for moving a window. Automatically moving the child windows to the same monitor as the parent window is  another useful feature in the day to day usage.

Wallpaper and Screen Saver

DisplayFusion allows you to set same or different wallpaper or Screensavers for the monitors

20-02-2014 11-01-19 AM

20-02-2014 11-17-37 AM


Windows 8 Support

DisplayFusion supports 4 Windows 8 start menu replacement applications such as Classic Shell, Start is Back, Start 8 and Start Menu X. These are applications who can bring the old windows start menu to the new Windows 8.

20-02-2014 11-07-11 AM

You can easily bypass the start screen on the windows 8 (windows 8.1 have this feature added). Also the power user menu can be moved to the cursor position which will reduce the mouse moving distance.

20-02-2014 11-07-29 AM

Another cool feature is a Mini Start Screen,  which you can set the shortcut key and size, and the start screen will work just like another window.

Windows 8 Mini start screen

Windows 8 applications can also be used as  a normal window

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Multi-Monitor Taskbars

Incredible Desktop Wallpaper

Powerful Functions

Precise Monitor Controls

Useful Windows 8 Tweaks

Window Snapping

Window Management

Window Location

Windows Logon Background

Multi-Monitor Screen Savers

Desktop Icon Profiles

Easy Administration

DisplayFusion offers a feature limited Free version and a paid version with all the features. There are too many features if you go deep into the DisplayFusion Menu. You can check these features and compare the free and paid versions here

Read more about the ultimate multiple monitor manager.

So this is the Day 4 of our giveaway contest series. you can see the others below

We have 10 DisplayFusion Pro Standard full version licenses to giveaway (Thank you Jon Tackabury the developer of this wonderful product).

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