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Giveaway 12 - iolo System Mechanic 12.7

Giveaway 12 - iolo System Mechanic 12.7

System Mechanic is a popular software utility for your Windows computers which can perform a lots of optimization to make your PC to perform better and faster.

Please make sure you take registry backups before you do any registry editing, because if you accidently delete some critical entries that may make trouble.

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iolo released the latest version 12.7 of System Mechanic. The new version have the following new features

OptiCore – This feature identifies the applications and resource usage and help to end the conflicts between programs.

RamJet – Allow to recover memory trapped by closed or inactive programs, and provide memory to the application which requires it.

AcceleWrite ensures files are written to the hard drive with greater efficiency

The following features are improved

Super Control panel – All windows settings (including Hidden) for easy access

DriveSense - Drive monitoring tool

Core Data Recalibrator - automatically corrects Windows information corruption

What is new in System Mechanic 12.7


The application can stop malwares which tries to change the configuration and thus can maintain the stability of the system. More than that the system mechanic has more than 200 tools for improving performance and also for fixing the common issues.

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We have 5 full version licenses of System Mechanic 12.7 to giveaway (Thank you Jack).