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Free Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools


Paragon's Adaptive Imaging Tools can help you prepare a universal image for further deployment on new machines and best of all is totally free.


Stage 1: Client Hardware Scan.

The first step is to collect information about the target PC’s hardware configuration and save it to network storage. This step is performed using a special utility that is run on every new machine. Gathering this information is simplified when your target PCs are of completely identical hardware configurations.

Stage 2: Drivers Download and Installation.

During the second stage, another set of utilities scans the source PC's operating system and available hardware information (as identified in stage 1) and installs the appropriate drivers for all devices which are not currently supported by the source PC's operating system.

Stage 3: Universal Master Image Preparation and Upload.

After using Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools, your result is a universal master image, complete with operating system, drivers and software, which can be installed on all client computers - no matter which motherboard, RAID controller or other components they contain. You can make a universal master image using any Paragon imaging solution: Drive Backup or Deployment Manager.

Stage 4: Image Deployment.

At this stage, your universal master image can be deployed using Paragon Deployment Manager (when you need to perform mass deployment over local networks) Your universal master image can also be restored using Paragon Drive Backup (when you need to roll out new machines)

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Get it for free from here, fill all the required details and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from containing the product download links.

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