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Facebook – Script to tag all your friends – Things to consider

Facebook–Script Tagging friends to photo spreading

Nowadays in Facebook a script is spreading very fast. The script will tag all your friends to a photo, video or a post. This script do not do some thing like stealing your credentials etc. Most of the scripts claims that they will send the username and password of a Facebook user to you if you run the script on the browser after opening the users profile, but it will tag all your friends to a specific post.

The procedure is to

1.  A link will be given where it will show you a script to

2. It will ask to copy , paste and execute on the browser

That’s all

If you have done this already, Hopefully you don’t have to do anything, but we recommend you logout, clear the bowser cache, login again and change the password.

If you are not a victim so far, please do not run any script on browser where you logged in to Facebook unless you clearly know what the script does.