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FIFA World cup 2014 – Excel Chart


Here we are sharing few Excel charts for the football lovers, with these you can track the upcoming FIFA world cup 2014 well.


You can change the language,  Time zone etc. on the Settings sheet, so that you can see the time and things on your own time zone. Below you can see the settings I have made for India.

Settings - FIFA World cup 2014 – Excel Chart

So the First match of FIFA world cup football 2014 will be on June 13 01.30 AM in Indian Standard time.

Excely - FIFA World cup 2014 – Excel Chart

This excel sheet will be a wonderful handy one to follow and track the improvements of the tournament. Read more and get the sheet from here

2. SmartCoder247

SmartCoder247  FIFA World cup 2014 – Excel Chart

SmartCoder247 have a collection of excel sheets which also have all the settings described above + you can mark your favorite team and which will be highlighted in the World cup 2014 fixture for you. This Excel file have many options and you will have to enable Macros if you want this to work perfectly.

You can check this page and choose from different options. The options includes Excel sheets which will work for Excel 2010, 2007 and 2013. The cart in PDF and JPEG formats are also available to download. You may also predict which team will win.