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April Fools 2015 pranks from Samsung and Google

Today is April 1, 2015, the April fools day. As usual companied like Samsung, Google etc. will be show up with some April fools day pranks. Let us see what are they come up with

 Galaxy BLADE edge Chefs Edition

1. Samsung showed up a new phone like Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, the new phone will be named as Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef’s Edition. The main feature of this phone will be the edges. The edge of the phone will be sharp, so that it can be used as a knife.It is  equipped with a razor-sharp diamond edge.

April Fools 2015 pranks from Samsung

The phone also have a handle so that you can use it well with out any problems. Read More

2. Google Introduced PAC-MAN game on the Google maps. This game can be played on both Android devices and Computer. On computer you can control using the arrow keys and on mobile devices you can swipe. On this game roads will be used as the path for PAC-MAN to move.

PAC-MAN on Google Maps

How to play PACMAN on Google Maps- computer

Open Maps and search for a place where you think PAC-MAN will be available, you may have to zoom a bit to see it is available or not. Or you may click the PACMAN on the bottom left part of the page.

Read more

3. Google Chrome for Android now have a new menu item which says “Share a reaction”, this option allows you to take a selfie and Chrome will add the selfie with the screenshot of the webpage you were checking. You can share the photo with your friends.





This seems to be a April fool prank.

4. Google Smartbox by Inbox is an advertisement of inbox which shows a Smart mail box which can sort the mails automatically. It opens with a gesture and spam protection etc. The advertisement shows the physical mail box in the advertisement.  Read more.


5. Google Panda – shows a  panda toy which can answer all your questions and talk to you. It allows any users to use Google. Watch the video below

We will update this post as soon as we are getting more