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Skype for Windows 8

World’s most popular video chatting app Skype released for Windows 8. It allows you to stay in touch with your friends and families from Windows 8 PC, Laptops and Tablets.  Skype for window 8 with metro style interface now makes things are more easier than before. Using this app You can make Skype-Skype free video/voice calls,send/receive messages, share files between Skype friends.



What’s new?

* Always on without draining your system battery, so that you can make/attend calls anytime.

skype for w8


* You can Snap your video call window left/right so you can do more actions while video chatting.

 skype for w8-snap


* Quick access to your favorites contacts.

 skype for w8


* Fast, beautiful and Perfect for touch screens.


You can read more and download Skype for windows 8 from Windows Store or you can visit Skype’s Homepage.