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Warning- July 9 Internet may shutdown

When I read this first time, I thought it is a joke, but it is not, so read carefully and check whether your are infected or not. On July 9, 2012 Many users will loose their internet connections as there are nearly 350,000 virus infected machines wo... [More]

Threat Alert - Oficla downloads MBR Ransomware

Avira Reported a new ransomware threat which is downloaded by a Trojan of the Oficla family.  This threat on successful download will rewrite the Mater Boor Record (MBR) of the affected system with its own and which will ask for a password to lo... [More]

Black Friday Blackhat SEO scam

  Panda security labs reported a Black Friday Blackhat SEO scam. Opening the link will install Fake Antivirus on your computer. Clicking on the link in the Firefox browser will redirect you to a fake Firefox “update” website, which will the... [More]

Kaspersky says Winstep Nexus Ultimate have Trojan

Today Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 found a Trojan in Winstep Ultimate Docking Software ( Trojan is Backdoor.Win32.Agent.azbc) and deleted the main exe file of the program. The same thing happened to Shiyon too. The warning also says it is having... [More] Trojan How to Fix

I have posted about this Trojan earlier IF your site is affected with this Trojan, there is a higher chance to get blacklisted in Google, and since Firefox is using same recommendation that... [More]