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Fifa world cup 2010 theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft

  Fifa world cup 2010 South Africa is so close and Microsoft is also joining the party with a new Windows 7 Theme. It includes 10 wallpapers from the EA sports game Bring the excitement of the World Cup to your desktop with this Windows 7 ... [More]

Google and FIFA 2010 World Cup

Just saw that, Google have two new things to show when you search "FIFA 2010 World Cup " (with or without quotes 1. Instead of the Goooooogle   it will show Gooooooooooooal   2. You can see the Count down, Upcoming Match... [More]

Watch FIFA world Cup 2010 Live Online

First you can read one of the old posts here Live sports streaming, there you can get the FIFA world Cup 2010 Live Online.  But i just want to post another option ESPN ESPN is offering FIFA world Cup 2010 Live Online for Visitors from US, I... [More]