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How to access a Windows shared folder from Android Device

Yesterday we posted on how to How to Connect USB Drives on D-link Modem Router. Now here is how you can use that drive from your Android devices. First of all you will have to install ES File Explorer File Manager( this is a free application rated ... [More]

How to Connect USB Drives on D-link Modem Router

You can connect a USB device to the Dlink Modem+Router devices and can access it from all your devices connected to the network. It is really easy to configure the USb. What you will have to do is just connect USB device to the Dlink device (am using... [More]

Secure Network Lines For Entrepreneurs

Choosing a secure network line for a new business can be confusing for an entrepreneur. The terminology is not always clear and technologies like a digital subscriber line (DSL) can sometimes be used to generically refer to any Internet connection. I... [More]