Windows Mail links will open only in Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 Build 17623

Windows Mail links Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is making a change to Windows 10, which is likely to irate users. Starting from Windows 10 Build 17623 (in the Insider Build’s Skip Ahead Ring), Windows Mail links will open only in Microsoft Edge.


That is according to the latest article on the Windows Experience blog, a screenshot of which you can see above.

Though Edge has extensions similar to Chrome and Firefox, the majority of users have been using the other browsers over Microsoft’s offering. And in order to convince users to use Edge, Microsoft offers pesky reminders. You may have noticed this if you search on Bing in Edge, for Firefox or Chrome, where the result will include a message about how Edge is faster, safer, etc. Likewise, if you open the Settings app in Windows 10, and go to Default Apps and try to change the default browser, you will be prompted to stick with Microsoft Edge, which you can ignore of course.

Firefox Microsoft Edge

The Redmond Company has already drawn flak in the past, especially from Mozilla for forcing Windows 10 users to use Microsoft Edge by default, and for not having an easy way for new users to change the default app. New users are not aware how to change the default app, since it is hidden deep in the Settings App. And we expect a similar reception, when Windows Mail opens links in Edge. There is no setting to change the way how links are opened in the current Mail app, and we speculate there won’t be one, when this unpleasant change is introduced.

The only way we see around this issue, is by switching to different email client like Thunderbird or eM Client, or paid alternatives such as Mailbird, Postbox or The Bat!.

Of course, there is a chance that the testers may advise Microsoft not to imply this change, but since the company has declared the change on the blog, we don’t think the decision will sway.

Ashwin Karthik