The Red Solstice is free on Humble Bundle for a limited time

The Red Solstice is free on Humble Bundle for a limited time. The game is a a real-time squad-based tactical game. The game is an RPG set on Mars in the year 2280 A.D. You can play multi-player or  co-op multi-player (including online multi-player and co-op) with up to 8 players in an open-world.

The Red Solstice free on Humble Bundle

Each of these 8 characters have distinct and customizable classes, with unique abilities and traits. You can unlock more abilities as you gain experience. The Red Solstice includes a proper single-player campaign, which offers about 30-hours of gameplay, where you lead a man marine squad (Alpha Squad) led by Tyler Hunt, and tasked to investigate Tharsis colony. The game has a tactical mode, which slows down time. You can also play Survival mode in solo.

The Red Solstice singleplayer

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To get a free Steam key for The Red Solstice, visit the game’s page on the Humble Bundle Store. You will see that the game’s price is struck out, i.e. a 100% discount.

You need to login to your Humble Bundle account to get the game. Do so, or create an account (you will need to link your Steam account to the Humble account).

Click on the “Add to Cart” option and the button changes to “Checkout”. Selecting checkout will display a pop-up window, with a “Get it for free”, and complete the checkout process.

You will get an email with a “Download now” option, click on it. Scroll down and click on the “Reveal your Steam key” button to get the key. Optionally you can directly redeem the key on Steam in your browser, by using the “Redeem on Steam” button.

The last date to redeem the key is January 31st, 2018 (10:00 AM Pacific Time).

Ashwin Karthik