Sticky Password Premium Review

In today’s world, where we all have multiple email accounts, logins for social networking sites, online portals, Amazon, Netflix, forums, cloud storage providers, banks, income tax and what not. The list is huge and I can keep going on and on. But let’s get to the point. Having this many online accounts/logins boils down to having strong passwords, or risking a security threat. How? As it is not so easy to remember a huge number of passwords, many of us drill down to using either some easy passwords or even have same password for more than one login. Right??

Sticky Password Review

That’s where Sticky Password comes to our huge aid. Let us see how:

1. It helps create strong and unique passwords for us

2. It stores/saves the created strong and unique passwords for us

3. It automatically recognizes and autofills the login details on normal as well for even oddball logins.

Sticky Password is the award-winning password manager for all your needs. It has received PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award with a rating of ‘Excellent’. It’s available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with best-in-class sync options that you can control.


System requirements:

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and BlackBerry with OS10, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nokia X

Supported windows OS are Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Free and Premium Paid Version

There are two versions available for Sticky Password. One free and the other paid – called Premium. Give Sticky Password a try and get the Premium version free for the first 30 days free. Post-trial you can opt to go for either Yearly or Lifetime license for Premium, or stay with the Free version. Below is the comparison for Free vs Premium.

Sticky Password Review free vs paid comparison

Our review is based on Windows version Build (Nov 28, 2017).

Do not forget to check the Special Section (at the end) on “Manual installation of Sticky Password browser extension”.

Installation & Setup

The Installation is pretty straight forward. Just a few clicks and you are done with the installation.Upon first launch you are presented with a Welcome Window showing the Main Features.

On Step-2 you must either create a new Sticky Account (online synchronization account) or login to an existing one.

I went ahead and created a new account.

Sticky Password Review Create Account

At the time of account creation, the Master Password needs to be set. Remember very clearly that Master password is your key that unlocks your encrypted password database and provides access to your saved data. The Master Password is not stored anywhere. The Master Password once lost or forgotten cannot be retrieved back. The Master Password cannot be ‘reset’ even by the Developers. Ok, I warned you enough! Remember your Master Password.

Sticky Password Review Master Password


On Step-3Synchronization, you can opt to use Sticky Password’s secure cloud servers for syncing passwords across devices, all secured with powerful AES-256 encryption. The cloud sync can be changed later via settings also.

Sticky Password Review Cloud Sync
On Step-4 – Browsers, you can select from the installed browsers with which Sticky Password can integrate.

Sticky Password Review Browser Integration


Firing up the Interface

Firing, just joking, we will now see how you can get access to the Main Program, aka, User Interface.

The User Interface can be accessed in the following ways

1. Icon residing in Notification area

2. Caption Button available in your browser

Sticky Password Review 4User Interface (UI)

The Interface is very clean, crisp and easy to understand/use. To discuss further I have divided the UI into 4 parts.

Sticky Password Review User Interface

Part-1 shows the icons namely Quick Access, Web Accounts, App Accounts, Bookmarks, Identities and Secure Memos.

Sticky Password Review 5

Quick Access – Over a period of time as you use Sticky Password, your most-visited websites, memos, bookmarks are shown here. Same can be seen in Part-2

Sticky Password Review Quick Access
Web Accounts – Here you can add accounts to setup quick login access. Additionally, you can also set a specific browser to open the specific account.

Sticky Password Review mobile appApp Accounts – Here you can add executables / applications such as Skype so that you can launch/login to the application directly

Sticky Password Review App accounts

Bookmarks – This is bookmark saver wherein you can save your favorite websites

Identities – Here you can save the details for the sites that require filling up forms, aka, one-click form filling. Once filled and saved, the next time you visit the site, the forms are filled automatically.

Sticky Password Review Identity

Secure Memos – Here you can store important data such as your SSN, Passport number, Tax id, Bank accounts and others in an encrypted database.

Sticky Password Review secure memo
Part-3 provides fast access to Add Web/App accounts, Secure Memos and Identities. From here you can also create a portable version of Sticky Password to use on a USB drive.

Part-4 is the Menu. It provides access to the following:

1. Import data from a Sticky Password database file, browser and other password manager applications such as Dashlane, 1Password, Kaspersky Password manager, LastPass, KeePass and RoboForm

Sticky Password Review Import Database

2. Export entire or selective data of Sticky Password to either encrypted Sticky Password database file (*.spdb) or Unencrypted SML/HTML/TXT file.

Sticky Password Review Export Database
3. Lock Sticky Password. By default, after 10 minutes of no activity on the device, Sticky Password locks itself. However, you can change the same in Settings to set it to never (not recommended), or from 1 minute to 60 minutes, or ‘on screen saver activation’.

4. Settings – Here you can access settings for Hotkeys, synchronization option, Security, Supported Browsers, Database file and others.

5. Tools – Password Generator, Virtual Keyboard, create portable application, and a Restore option to revert back and changes made by you.

Strong Points:

1. Multilingual. Available in 8 languages, namely: English, Russian, Spanish, Czech, French, German, Japanese and Dutch.

2. Works on smartphones such as iPhone/iOS and Android.

3. Supports all major browsers with 32-bit, plus 64-bit support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

4. Ability to make a Portable Version for FREE. This really helps carry our passwords with us anytime and every time.

5. No special knowledge is required to use it. Simple to install and use.

6. Imports password & data from IE, Chrome, Mozilla browsers and applications such as LastPass, KeePass and RoboForm.

7. Strong AES-256 encryption.

8. Supports fingerprint authentication on iOS and Android devices

9. Other than online help, it has a forum for support. See link below:

10. Small setup size and one-time configuration.

11. Quick access from System tray

12. Ability to export database (all or selective items) to XML/Html/Plain text unprotected formats, or Secure exports.

13. Synchronization either via Online cloud servers or manual offline / local Wi-Fi

14. 10 minute of default inactivity lock is provided to prevent misuse. It can be set to never or from 1 minute to 60 minutes, or ‘on screen saver activation’.

15. It also warns of any weak or unsecure passwords found in the database.

16. Supports 10 browsers/extensions namely, Internet Explorer, Chromium, Google Chrome Portable, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox portable, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera 15+ portable, Opera portable, Pale Moon and SeaMonkey.


1. Anonymous usage information is checked by default in the setup.

2. On Wizard Step-4 – Browser integration, should you have any of the selected browsers open, they are closed without letting the user to save the opened tabs.

3. Unavailability of contextual help menu.

Special Section – Manual installation of Sticky Password browser extension

During our test run, we faced an issue wherein Sticky Password didn’t recognize Vivaldi (based on Google Chrome) or Waterfox (based on Mozilla Firefox) browsers. As there is no instruction or help available on the developer’s website for these browsers, we are providing requisite and tested steps to help you configure Sticky Password to use with Vivaldi and Waterfox browsers.

Make sure you grab the following files from the location – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sticky Password”



Sticky Password Review browser extensions manual installation

For Vivaldi:

1. Open the Tools > Extensions page

2. Drop the spAutofillNM.crx extension on to this page

3. Allow installation to complete

4. Restart browser

For Waterfox:

1. Open the add-ons page

2. Drop the spautofillMozWE.xpi (WebExtension version) on to this page

3. Allow installation to complete

4. Restart browser


Sticky Password is a solid and robust password manager with excellent browser support – counting to 16 as of now. Not only can it manage password for Web applications, but also applications that run from Desktop/Windows. Moreover, it also easily autofill’s huge and clumsy forms with just a click. Lastly, Sticky Password lets you decide as to where your data should reside, secure cloud or your local system.

Reviewed by Grr.