Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2018 brings discounts for many games

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2018 sees the return of the sale which marks the celebration of the Chinese New Year. And 2018 is the year of the dog.

So, what games should you buy now? Well, at a closer look, most games have the exact same prices as they did during the Winter Sale which ended just a month ago. So, you can check out our Winter Sale game recommendations.

But here is the bad news, not all games are on sale. So, if you missed some game during the Winter sale, chances are you might miss it during the Lunar New Year Sale too.

For example: NieR:Automata and the Final Fantasy games are not on sale. If you have wishlisted games, check that to see if all the games have discounts. Don’t be surprised if they don’t.

Speaking of which Steam has updated its wishlist’s page interface, which looks kind of modern and flat. The colour theme is a bit inconsistent though. There are more filters now which allow you to view games in a specific price range, those which are on sale for specific percentage, exclusion filters, etc. For a little while during last night, Steam actually removed the sorting options from the wishlist, but after some user backlash or possibly because they were fixing some bugs, the sorting options are back.

When you are on the page of a game which you want to buy, scroll down a bit to see if there is a bundle or a complete your collection offer. These usually have better prices than buying the base game separately, or in some cases actually cheaper than the game itself.

As always, do your research on Steamdb, and check the historical lowest prices. We advise readers to not buy games which are not on sale for their lowest ever price, because in about three months, the Steam Summer Sale 2018 will start and may have better prices than the current ones.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2018 runs from February 15th to February 19th. So you have plenty of time to research and decide what games to buy.

Ashwin Karthik