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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom available for pre-order now from Amazon India.

Its good news folks. The long awaited Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is finally available for preorder with Amazon India. The pre-order price for this phone is Rs.29,999 Amazon is also giving Rs.6000 worth goodies free with this phone. They included an Auto-pop cover coupon, 6 movie tickets, a 32GB micro SD card and coupons on watches and handbags on Amazon. To avail this offer you must be among the first 1000 people to order this phone. You can pre-order from here.

The Galaxy K Zoom is an innovative attempt by Samsung to get a great camera on board a phone, for those serious photographers. Its a bit unlike the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Where the Galaxy Camera looked more like a Camera, the K Zoom looks like any standard Samsung Android phone, except for that big BSI sensor based camera at its back.

The phone should not be doubted on its photographic abilities. The phone comes with a whopping 20.7MP BSI sensor based camera with a Xenon flash giving you one of the best image reproduction even in low light. The phone also comes with OIS [Optical Image Stabiliser] which will give you distortion free imaging. It also has a 10X optical zoom. The camera supports HD recording as well. The features packed with this phone is on par with any midrange digital camera/camcorder so I would definitely say it is a woth it buy, if you were in lookout for a phone with a stellar camera.

On the hardware specifications as well Samsung has not disappointed its users. The phone is meant to be a flagship, and has the features of one as well. It comes with a whopping 2GB RAM, along with the Samsung Exonys 5 processor, which is a combination of Cortex A-7 and A-15 cores. Along with this is bundled a Mali T-624 graphic card, which is powerful enough to generate some crisp and detailed images on the beautiful Super AMOLED HD display on this phone. It should present no issues with even heavy games. The only pitfall is the small 8GB ROM available with the phone. However it has an expendable memory of 32GB, and guess what as mentioned above you are going to get a 64GB microSD card for free from Amazon, so no worries on storing your favourite moments on the phone. The icing on the top for this phone is that it runs on Kitkat 4.4.2 along with Samsung TouchWiz. The phone also supports BlueTooth V4 and USB On the go[OTG] as well. The phone can work with 3G/2G sim cards and supports a wide variety of signal strengths, so can be used in most foreign countries as well.

Samsung is also including certain free goodies along with this phone. Its offering free Bitcasa, Dropbox, Sharelens, and Picsplay pro for a free trail. For this price point I would definitely recommend the phone, if you are looking for a brilliant camera as well. As this phone will be quite popular Samsung will surely provide future upgrades and folks at Cynogenmod should get CM working for it. Custom ROM/Cynogen Mod support is one thing I always look out for when buying a phone.

So go ahead and buy it and post your thoughts in the comments below.