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QuantumZERO 3.0 USB HUB Reviw

We’re the IT guys and every day we travel with laptops and pen drives, but when we need to work quickly with USB 3.0, sometimes we can’t, because there is usually only one USB 3.0 port available on the laptop. In that moment, you feel very sad and it affects on your career, but your client does not know about your issues, he thinks you're from a famous IT solution and working very slow. The problem is that the data transfer from USB to the computer is slower on USB 2.0.

The solution for this is very easy, all you have to do is find a good 3.0 USB hub, but the problem is which one to select?

I searched on the web and came across one called the QuantumZERO QZHB03.

I had some questions about the product, but I then I found out that the company offers a 7 day  return policy if  the buyer doesn’t like the product and an 18 month warranty for it. So, even if you have any problem with the product, just contact the company and they'll put a smile back on your face, this my personal experience. The support is very good and very positive.

The product's quality is reflected in the packaging, and its good. Please take a look at it.


First of all, I would like to say that the service is good, and I received the product within 3 days. The box is very smooth, slides to open very easily, and contains the following items:

A Quantum Zero 3.0 USB HUB, with a cable which is one feet in length

A user guide, and a card.


The above picture shows you the box's contents. The user guide clearly states that the hub is not a standalone charger for your Iphone, Ipad and your smart phones.

Technical Specifications:

Data port output current: 900 mA(max).

Input Interface:  4 USB 3.0 Type A port.

Output Interface: USB3.0.

Dimensions: 103 x 38 x24 mm.

Colour: Black

System support: Windows  XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OSx9.1 or above, Linux (kernels3.0 or later), Unix system.

Drivers: No need for any. It supports Plug & Play, hot swap.

The exterior part is solid plastic with a glossy look with a blue light which indicates that it is connected and working perfectly. The cable is very thick, strong and is capable of full speed data transfer. You can attach 4 X 3.0 USB sticks at a time. (The USB speed with this USB hub depends on your PC and laptop hardware configuration)

I attached 3 USB sticks at a time and I got good results, as expected.


Now the question here is, why I am getting slower transfer rate and not the one mentioned in the specifications.

As I mentioned above, the transfer speed depends on your computer's hardware, so if you have a PC with the latest hardware, then the transfer speed will be much higher.

The Good:

This is a stylish hub, which is portable and very easy to use. The advantage is that you don't need any driver for this device, just plug it in and it starts working immediately.

The Bad:

The only issue with the hub is the short cable length, as I was unable to use it from the USB port on top of my desktop.


The Quantum Zero USB 3.0 hub is a beautiful product, and is a very useful one for power users. I would like to it give 4.8 stars out of 5, to this device if you want to more about this device then please visit the official website here